31 Oct 2012

Atmospheres and fetuses

Romney promises the wind, whilst Obama promises birth control.  Is that all there is to US politics? 

Art Jesse: I am jumping in with the old favorite "God helps those that help themselves" maybe a few people need to step up and assume control of their own lives instead of depending on the government. Also if you don't want us to have a say in your life don't demand we pay for birth control AND abortions. IMHO
Art Jesse: Romney just wants to take the gov't out of your reproductive cyle, not outlaw birth control or abortions. and I agree

Jennifer Frances Armstrong: The thing about some Americans is they are very stupid. For instance, they will assert something like "Jennifer demanded an abortion." Suddenly the idiots are "in my life".

Nina Selah: .......and every time I see some conversations like this.....it's white American men.......

Jennifer Frances Armstrong: And every time I see one, they have this complete fantasy idea about the kind of person I am, what I believe or don't believe, my level of education (they assume it must be equal or less than theirs, at least in terms of the knowledge that really matters). They keep assuming I'm from the USA, or that I share their cultural knowledge, even when I point out this is not the case.

Nina Selah: ....yes Jennifer ....it's LOL funny how these assumptions are actually made...
Jennifer Frances Armstrong: Not just that they are made as assumptions, but you can correct the error over and over, and still the fixed ideas remain.

Nina Selah: yes

Art Jesse: you are right about assumptions sticking even if not right. That goes for the assumptions about Mitt Romney. Maybe you should see what he is really about and his opinion of everyones rights (not just women).

Jennifer Frances Armstrong: Why don't you educate me about his opinion on actual human beings' rights?

Art Jesse: well so far he has stated he will follow the US Constitution and all people are entitled that coverage . He is pro-life and respects the US Supreme courts decisions. He does not have to agree with them, just recognise and support the judgements. If he follows the constitution as written we will be in better shape than we are now. As a business man he recognises that regulations and high taxes drive business out of our country and we lose revenue and JOBS.

Jennifer Frances Armstrong: So he's promised what to the actual human beings? I take it that you consider a fetus a human being, but I'm asking, what about the humans themselves? How are they covered?

Art Jesse: well he will not take over an entire industry-to control it, yes a fetus is a human being but those of us that are lucky enough to survive to birth he will live by the constitution so we can live our lives with less goverment control. he is not promising any money, free stuff or even a job. Just to give us an atmosphere that encourages the businesses to grow and hire more employees. There by letting those that wish to, to work and buy their own stuff. the best government if the one that does less governing.

Art Jesse: if people just want to life of the government than they need to be motivated to take control of their own lifes and earn their own keep.

Art Jesse: Obama has the welfare rolls at an all time high and growing, (among other things) this needs to change. So vote him out.

Jennifer Frances Armstrong: Well, all I can say is good luck with your "atmosphere" that promotes business growth, and may you have many, many fetuses to care about.

Nina Selah To @Art Jesse........many people who do not want Mitt Romney in power know exactly what he's on about - and that is why we don't want him.......the assumption that if we knew what he was about we would therefore want him in the White House is just plain wrong......Mitt Romney is a Republican and a millionaire and he has stated many, many positions that are the opposite of what I want in this world. So to not want Mitt Romney does not mean we don't know about him. Like most Republicans he wants less resources headed toward the poorest people. Less healthcare, less education and the list goes on. I believe taxation is a GREAT thing, because the people with resources re-distribute some of their wealth toward the more needy. I love paying my tax - and I pay big tax - because here in Australia I do not see nearly as many homeless and poor people as I see every time I go to America. I am married to an American, and I think America is the best example in the world of what is so wrong with capitalism.........there's nothing "free" about free enterprise as it's practiced in America. So yes, we know all about Mitt Romney and guess what? We just don't like him. Plain and simple........It's called an educated opinion........and the best thing about democracy is that i'm allowed to have my opinion.......you can even have yours too......even if it's uneducated........LOL.......

Jennifer Frances Armstrong: I also wish Americans good atmospheres...atmospheres for business. This is what Romney will deliver them. Personally I prefer the cool breeze on a hot day.

Art Jesse: Obama is a democrate and a millionaire and never held a jod in the public sector. So?
Jennifer Frances Armstrong: Doesn't matter, because he can't deliver you less than Romney is promising: "atmospheres" and fetuses.

Art Jesse: If you love to pay you taxes I bet you could give even more if you really wanted to. You have enough problems in Australia so why not fix your country instead of screw with mine? If redistribution is so great , why don't all the people that feel that way give their money to the gov't?

Jennifer Frances Armstrong: If I gave my money to the government, where would the fetuses get their money? They would become homeless.

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