30 Nov 2012

Against matriarchy

Who Gets Custody? | Clarissa's Blog

It's very interesting to make the connection between the women's movement and custody of children, since many women these days seem to assume the link as part of their matriarchal version of feminism.

I don't like it myself. I was never the child-bearing type. I even find it confusing to have to deal with issues relating to children, as this gives me a sense of looking at needlework too fine for my eyes to see. I'm supposed to be observing something, but cannot see it.

 As Clarissa says elswhere, children are very sensitive to every shift in the parent's emotions, but I can't relate to others on a level this fine. I do believe it is expected and I've seen people do it, but I can't, and largely because my own upbringing was unlike this, and yet was so good.

 Since goodness came to me by means of being insensitive, I can't relate to the feminist ethics that imply goodness and sensitivity are inevitably linked. I don't feel it. I feel the opposite. I don't understand it or like it.

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