10 Nov 2012


The Last Psychiatrist: The Second Story Of Echo And Narcissus

Principles from Georges Bataille opposed to narcissism:

1. Stop self-improving, but instead seek out your own limits, and keep seeking them out as an engagement with reality that tells you something -- but never something final.

2. Face "death" -- which is rotting matter. Revel in it. Ugliness is as much a part of life as beauty is, and being able to recognize this enhances one's strength.

3.  There is no "better class of people" but rather people in various stages of incompleteness or wholeness.  Those who live according to imaginary ideals are incomplete; those who face their own demise as rotting matter are more whole, since they accept reality as it is, and don't require outside adulation.

4.  Keep challenging reality and don't be afraid of anything it tells you about yourself. You are a dead man (or dead woman) walking, anyway.  You have nothing to lose.  You might even stand to gain something.

5. Introspect, but also partake in periods of active challenging of anything or everything around.   Who knows, but maybe one of the outcomes of a challenge taking place within reality is you will reconsider some of your earlier suppositions.

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