Here's something you could read as regards USApes.

From where I stand, it seems USA gender relations are very pathological, and feminism is just a disguise for more pathology.  From your blog, I'm starting to understand that most Americans are pretty affluent, even if they happen to have jobs that aren't the best.  So to claim extreme victimhood at the hands of men seems  justified only in the most extreme of situations, where the female partner is unable to stand on her own for very good reasons.  

I, myself, have been mistaken for a USA feminist at times, but my cultural background and expectations are entirely different.  The opposite cultural conditioning may have been applied.  I had a very rigid, militaristic upbringing, but with all the space I needed to explore, take risks and enjoy myself.   USA people of the present generation seem to have had the opposite conditions:  a very permissive upbringing, but overprotected, denied freedom in play and not allowed to take a risk.  

Therefore, my incentive for being a feminist seems to come from the opposite place of much of USA feminism.
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