3 Nov 2012

I'm not a Western liberal

I'm regularly mistaken for a liberal of the American reformist sort, but I'm not one. I'm an adult.

For one thing, I have no desire whatsoever to make anybody feel shame for anything.   I would feel ashamed if I made them feel ashamed, because to diminish somebody in this way is the worst form of denial of their human potential.   I'm not someone who with heavy hand and aggressive demeanor "calls someone out".

Where does that expression even come from?  Don't bother asking that.  I really don't want to know.   A congregation of sinners, eager to be corrected, might acquiesce to marching forward whilst putting each other down.   The kind of society they want to create would not appeal to me, even if the shame-faced ones stopped doing what they had been doing before, and put on a different set of facial features.

I'm not sweet and loving.  I'm not prone to hug.   I can do a hug, but it is always from one side, like a boxing clinch in case I need to use and elbow to extricate myself.

I don't want to make the world over into sweetness and light.   I don't want to lament my wounds.  I'm not concerned with improving others' attitudes so that we can all get along.

I don't have expectations of geniality.   I don't find group activities to be of benefit, and so I rarely join them.

I'm accustomed to a reasonable poverty.  I don't resent anyone or anything. I simply mark the spots where ideological errors appear most manifestly.  That is all I do.  It's all I want to do.

I'm not trying to proclaim any higher moral status.   I'm not trying to save the world.

Instead of moral improvement, I'd prefer to see people more educated.   If I cared about them (which I don't), I would recommend extremely hard and disciplined martial arts training for both men and women in their twenties.   I'd also want to see a lot more book reading.

I don't care, though.   I don't have anything that I can work with.  I don't see determination of the sort that would appeal to me.

I see enough good stuff in the martial arts gym to make me happy.

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