18 Nov 2012

News From Israel | Clarissa's Blog

News From Israel | Clarissa's Blog

The only solution to this issue, which is not unique to this part of the world is a reduction in population. People can and will fight over land. There is nothing inherently noble about this. The bourgeois-liberal concept of independence and/or self-determination is political, not necessarily ethical. Nonetheless we take national independence as an ethical imperative. One could make an argument that ethics and national self-determination are necessarily combined, but nobody seems to bother. It’s just assumed.

Also a big thumbs down to those who post pictures of dead children and demand that I should feel guilty about this “as a Westerner”, or that I must feel duty bound to oppose Obama as the instigator of such mayhem. Not only does this approach cloud a lot of issues by combining them inappropriately, it also makes the assumption that I should identify as a nationalist, or Westerner, and that I have amazing powers to change the course of history. None of this is true.

Nationalist moralists, I have found, are not the wisest human beings, nor are they they kindest, or the most ethical. They just have a thing for bourgeois democracy. They want it imposed, and then get temporarily sad if it isn’t — but not too sad. They easily forget if things don’t work out as anticipated — for instance if war continued in Africa long after the white regimes are removed.

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Mike Ballard said...

The combatants seem to be following your advice--reducing the population by missile, bullet and bomb.

No worker should support either nationalist ruling class. Class wide solidarity is the solution, not the creation or preservation of a political State.