21 Nov 2012

When we were very, very young

Third-wave Feminism Defends the Idea of Women as a Servicing Class | Clarissa's Blog

The majority of people are simply passive these days, and it could be that choice feminism reflects this. It’s epitomized by the notion that the modern housewife of today has more than two detergents to choose from, and so should count herself lucky.

A couple of days ago, I spent some time studying the Youtube videos of Dr Beter Breggin, concerning the ADHD debacle. I concluded from watching these that people don’t understand that a human is a work in progress, not something that springs from its father’s head fully formed. The assumption that we are what we are what we are, and nothing can change that, is at the core of contemporary culture. That’s a bizarre mo-fo to be at the heart of the culture. That’s kind of like saying everyone’s a six-year old. Or that, if they try to do anything other than be “what they are”, they are destroying the fundamental reality of having to be six year’s old.


It was very good for me to see Breggin’s stuff, because this is old-fashioned humanism he espouses. It’s distinctly out of vogue and most people don’t deserve it because they can’t get their motors running long enough to be the slightest bit self-reflective.

I’ve also noticed that for the most part people don’t even believe their own strange ideas that identity is fixed. They hold that it is fixed for them, the observers and the judges, but not for other people. So they will scream that women have to stay the same and therefore society must necessarily change, to protect the women better. But this is believing in change, on the basis that women cannot change.

I’m very bothered by this logical inconsistency.

Humans demean themselves when they defy even basic logic.

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