20 Nov 2012

Why others don't assist you to be free

Recovering from in internalization of patriarchal values
While you are still wounded and looking to heal, people will sense that and apply the solution of pushing you back into what they think is the solution for you: the ideal feminine mode.

Part of this reaction to you is lizard brain. People do it because they sense vulnerability and they react to that instinctively by pushing you around.

Another cause for this is false cognition. The symptoms of the problem are viewed as the cause of the problem and vice versa. So problems arising from patriarchy receive a patriarchal solution. Are you suffering from being pressed into a gender role? Perhaps you would suffer less if you stopped resisting?

Having come across too many people who presented me with such confused thinking, I conclude that most people really don’t understand what it as stake — and don’t want to know.

It’s interesting that no matter how you actually present (which is to use the terminology of symptoms), there are those who will find a way to twist it into seeming to be a pathology. What they’re interested in is the norm — but perhaps not really even that. They want a confirmation of their own decisions, reflected through you.

Contemporary gender relations are a form of terrorism that require a psychological black belt to defend against.

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