26 Dec 2012

CT shooter Adam Lanza was a victim of misandry

This guy speaks well and edges rather in my direction -- against identity politics. I'm not sure how far he would go in that (correct!) direction, though.

He does see a lot of problems with USA culture.  It is very likely some feminists are using the terms, "gaslighting" and "mansplaining" in an opportunistic way  --  I don't know.

What is certain is that USA-dominated YouTube is full of people advising each other on how to speak and asking "on whose authority" you have to say anything.   This reflects a very authoritarian culture, where people treat communication as if it were property rights.

Americans, as a whole, don't understand dialectics, in any of its manifestations, even the most basic, which is the to-and-fro of conversational speech. Culturally, they drive to dominate through their speech. After that,   other people tear chunks out of it, which is permitted. There's often no expectation of conversation -- and no resolution through this medium either.

Is it any wonder some people go mad and shoot each other?

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