22 Dec 2012

In American, "logic" is a synonym for "male"

Many young American males don't understand that you simply can't apply logical criteria to a conversation where somebody is not asserting an argument, but they want to do this, and in the absence of evidence, they assert that somebody's perspective or statement is "illogical". But, everyday conversational statements are neither logical or illogical, and cannot be deemed to be one or the other. One of these young boys asserted that since I had made a statement he disagreed with, I ought to do a basic course in logical fallacies. Thing is, I did do that sort of course, way back in 1989. I also went on to study logic at a deeper level.

From this, I know that debating them is futile. These American guys keep throwing up assertions that they have encountered something illogical, and then they give the formal name for whatever "fallacy" (i.e. point of contention) they think they have noticed, but they haven't understood the content.


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