New Year's resolutions

I've decided not to try to change much.  If something isn't broken, don't try to fix it, as the old cliche goes.

My goals for that rabid number, 2013, are to develop further with my fitness and my training.  I'll probably do a grading (martial arts test) in June, as it is going, since I slightly injured my left knee again.  Also, it is much easier to do the grading in the middle of winter, than when the heat presses in on you.

Whatever I am doing, I will just do more of it.

As I am writing and editing, I will do more of that.

I will increase my amount of training, be consistent, and get into some sparring.

I will continue to assist others and to teach.

Small changes:

I will try to eat less meat, during the summer.

I will start a new project to meticulously produce at least one small book.

I will brush up and improve on:

1.  Formal logic

2.  French

3.  Shona

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