27 Dec 2012

The unconscious as the right side of the brain

I much prefer the unconscious being the relational side of the brain, rather than it being seen as the repressed vestige of the mind's suppressed aggression and rage.  It just makes more sense not to condemn and vilify emotional experiences as such.  It's the condemnation of emotion, common in certain cultures, that produces the repressed unconscious.   In reality, though, we can't have any relationships without emotion.  The emotion we experience in relation to the other is, actually, the relationship itself.  Apart from this, there is no relationship, although there can be a formal agreement in place.

All relationships must be regularly fine-tuned, if they are to be maintained, and this is done by the relational side of the brain. If we are unable to maintain relationships through this fine-tuning, we end up with repressed aggression and repressed rage.  These, however, do not constitute the authentic nature of the unconscious.

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