Intellectually broke

It's very important to find the central points from which ideas are being disseminated, if one wants to have a chance to change the direction of their flow.

I admit to having found a very key one, but I also admit to being entirely flummoxed at to how to come up with any effective answer or solution.

YouTube is currently more important, I think, than blogs, because it gives people information in a form they find easily digestible. It is easier for illiterate people to listen and view something than it is for them to read something.

It is very important to have a look at the current anti-feminist gibberish put out on YouTube, because otherwise one has not idea whence the strange ideas and false 'truisms' emerge.

To update those who may not know, currently there is strong consensus in the minds of the illiterate that "feminism is an ideology of hate".   The echo chambers resonates this notion quite strongly.  If one believes that anything is "an ideology of hate", one feels justified in condemning anything that so much mentions the word, "feminism".

There are other "truisms" floating around that have a psychological ring of truth, but are actually at best half-truths, and certainly misrepresent feminists and intellectuals and others.

Believe me, tens of thousands of people are finds their drug from something other than Fox News.

It makes me despair of America, although when something is broken that isn't mine, I don't feel any responsibility to fix it.

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