26 Feb 2013

Intellectually broke

It's very important to find the central points from which ideas are being disseminated, if one wants to have a chance to change the direction of their flow.

I admit to having found a very key one, but I also admit to being entirely flummoxed at to how to come up with any effective answer or solution.

YouTube is currently more important, I think, than blogs, because it gives people information in a form they find easily digestible. It is easier for illiterate people to listen and view something than it is for them to read something.

It is very important to have a look at the current anti-feminist gibberish put out on YouTube, because otherwise one has not idea whence the strange ideas and false 'truisms' emerge.

To update those who may not know, currently there is strong consensus in the minds of the illiterate that "feminism is an ideology of hate".   The echo chambers resonates this notion quite strongly.  If one believes that anything is "an ideology of hate", one feels justified in condemning anything that so much mentions the word, "feminism".

There are other "truisms" floating around that have a psychological ring of truth, but are actually at best half-truths or ideologies that manifest in the mainstream because of religious indoctrination.


Eddie G said...

You puzzle at America. You should. Briefly, America is divided into two extremist socio-political camps of zealots. The three legs of the Liberal camp are racism, feminism and homosexuality. All these groups are victims. All opponents must be nullified. It is not complex. Liberalism has made great strides because the mainstream press is sympathetic. Hope this helps.

Jennifer Armstrong said...

And the other extremist camp?

Eddie G said...

Conservatives have become extreme enough to be borderline Nazis. Increase defense spending, end all social services, enthrone the rich. Fox News supplies the inspiration. Each group would like America to take over the world, but they differ in how they would go about it. It is unknown how many moderates are in America, as they have no representation.

Jennifer Armstrong said...

Most Western people -- not just Americans (although they are more extreme) -- are half people, which is why they cannot see the whole picture of anything. If you are completely committed to right wing or left wing ideologies, without any nuance or capacity to change anything based on experience, you will not be a whole person. I don't mean YOU, in particular, by the way. I mean, anybody will not be whole on this basis.

But that is how people are, and that is why they cannot understand anything much.

RulingPart said...

Popular American politics is characterized by animosity. Neither side is willing to budge, and we the people love to wallow in the conflict. See our completely unecessary "sequester." Most economists say this will knock a percent off of our GDP and kill hundreds of thousands of jobs, but still, we don't move.

American feminists are often no exception. They grant nothing to the other side, and in fairness a good many of the other side return the favor. For me:

There is no need to enforce traditional womanliness. If there is value in it, women will embrace it. If not, then not. Let women serve in the infantry. Fine by me.

Our schools are failing boys. Many boys do well with competition, physicallity, debate, conflict... these get pounded out of them or they get in trouble. Look at the statistics and tell me I'm wrong.

Fathers deserve equal time with their children after a divorce. This is changing, but the change comes too slowly.

Finally YOU are not the typical feminist. Far from it. I came to this site looking to rumble and now I'm a fan.

Jennifer Armstrong said...

I like the way you think. In Rhodesia, boys in primary school has the bigger playing ground and were thought of as essentially physical creatures, not academically inclined or scholarly per se. They were seen to be more robust than females, but were not necessarily given as good an education as us in high school, since the emphasis was on sports performance.

Of course, they also became fodder for AK rifles, as there was a war on.

RulingPart said...

I watched a few Rhodesian produced documentaries about the Bush War. Lots of young guys. They were trying to sell it as a war against Communism, and they had testimony from young Black men serving the government who'd been persecuted by the other side. It's a very complex bit of history, isn't it?

OK, so if I want to read a primer about intellectual shamanism what would you recommend?

Jennifer Armstrong said...

Intellectual shamanism? It's a coin I've termed and the book isn't out yet.


Jennifer Armstrong said...

Zarathustra is about learning to stop despising the self, despite the fact that the teaching of 'good and evil', which Nietzsche traces to Zoroastrianism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoroaster) has taught us to do exactly that.