17 Feb 2013

Men's Rights Activists? Seriously?!

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RulingPart said...

1. MRA opinions are "retarded."
Not good to use "retarded" to mean "bad." People with cognitive disabilities don't like that. This is not meant to be snide. I actually object to the misuse of that word.

2. I don't want my wife to "bend over and let me do whatever I want." Not in the sense that this person means, anyway.

3. I am ok with women having rights "and stuff." I am ok with women having "a say in things."

4. My wife is not currently barefoot, pregnant, or in the kitchen. I cooked dinner.

5. Is there some sort of pro-rape organization that I'm not aware of? This is a straw man. I can't remember ever being in the presence of pro-rape men. Those guys generally live in prison. I am anti-rape, as if it needs to be said.

6. You are not going to slap me.

7. I do not think that women want to castrate me.

8. I don't respect you, so your laughter doesn't do much to me.

9. The idea that "most of the acts against people" are perpetrated by White male land owners should be supported somehow. I would say that atrocities are generally committed by powerful men, sure, but you'll find them in every nook and cranny of history.

10. Again, your laughter, to me, is a nonissue. Dogs bark; smug propogandists laugh. The way of the world.

11. Aztecs routinely captured men, women and children, cut open their chests, removed their still beating hearts and tossed their living corpses down the steps of pyramids. That's not good. Not White... White people developed guns first, so...

12. Yeah, White privilege exists. That's not a good thing. Society seems to be changing for the better, though, and that's good.

13. Do White women have as much to complain about as Black men living in Somalia? Are first world problems limited to White males? When White women grab their latte and drive to yoga class are they somehow showing solidarity with Arab rebels in Syria?

14. "Fuck you." Stay classy.

If a woman divorces a man she should not be able to restrict his access to his own children to every other weekend and a few weeks in the summer simply because she is female. That's not right. Also boys are lagging behind girls in education. That's not good either.