12 Feb 2013

When squashed down and condensed


Apparently, in the overall scheme of things, I am slightly thick-skinned.

This graph doesn't really tell you very much about me though, because it would make one's boundaries out to be an issue of character, rather than of culture or experience.

My African personality, for instance, would be measured by the chart above as "thin-skinned", even though the tendency to diffuse one's sense of self into others is also a recipe for psychological resilience and a militaristic group definition, within the African social context.  If you don't understand what I mean, listen to African harmonizing and understand how this expression of psychological oneness has the capacity to mutate into an effective war chant:

(Sorry about the flag)

My self that resulted from Western cultural conditioning is definitely "thick-skinned" in that I really don't feel what other Western individuals are feeling -- and most often have no desire for that.